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People are looking for businesses and companies on the Internet, especially thru the search engines and social networks.

Monica Lesan

1. The attitude of the user at the time when seeking information about a product, service or a particular company is valuable because it is focused on the purchase, so there is a very important part of the off marketing work and make possible for the companies and companies to be receptive to meet future customer needs.

2. On the Internet we can measure, quite easily and accurately, all the actions we take to raise awareness of our products and our company. Both in terms of positioning, communication, marketing, … the network provides a space where companies can achieve to get new customers or improve there’s corporate identity and there’s  business.

3. Also the recommendations of Internet users are of enormous value for companies. The vast majority of people trust recommendations from other people, compared to a minority of people who rely on the recommendations they receive from companies. The company’s presence on the internet and especially social networks will greatly facilitate people to make recommendations for our products and services, and when that happens the sale is guaranteed.

Just to recapitulate, the three reasons of YOU to be on Internet are: the attitude of seeking the information by the users; the possibility of measuring the impact on the market; the recommendations that can improve the value of the companies.


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