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Social Media is an effective way of transmitting or sharing information with a specific audience, all of us have the opportunity to create our own Social Media strategy. All you need is to communicate, whether to offer promotions, post news, announce events link or banners.

Furthermore, the action of  Social Networking  involvesengagement. Different social groups with common interests can build relationships through Social Networking.  But always wait for a response by the brand or company, whether by solution or simply fed back communication.

monica lesan social media vs. social networking

The Social Media format is very simple, limited to successfully deliver a message, very similar to most common media such as television, radio or print media. This unfortunately is very complicated in the Internet world, especially because most of profiles that are dedicated “only to convey information” bots or schedules are usually determined as SPAM.

Social Networking in the communication will have and needs a feedback. Depending on the topic, must be clear and in the distribution channel, the answers can be singular or plural, the conversations are the core of Social Networking, because thanks to them the corporate relationships are based  of mouth advertising.

It is difficult to obtain a precise number of pay in the case of Social Media, especially because it is virtually almost  impossible for  to verify the effectiveness of views on a banner, the positive response of a publication or the effects of a mailing.

Due to the same direct communication, payment on Social Networking is almost automatic and more obvious. By tracking links, statistics and comments of course you tell if your site traffic increases thanks to Twitter, if your sales increase from a channel on Facebook or if you receive new requests after opening a business profile from LinkedIn .


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