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Surfing up the Internet, before the sunrise as almost always, a friend of mine give me the idea for this post.

PR!? What, whom and what for!

A PR is a professional who can work in all types of organizations, private companies, government agencies, associations, etc.. They all have a close relationship with the different departments of the company, customers and media. That will provide him/her a broad overview and global.
Relatii PubliceIn that context the work consists of:Managing the information generated in the company. This can be reflected in internal actions, such as marketing department by communicating the suggestions of customers, and external actions, like organizing a press conference to introduce a new product or service company.Planning and developing communication campaigns working in design, drafting of the messages he/she wishes to transmit and suggesting the channels through which to transmit.Take responsibility for communication in crisis situations that may affect the image of the company: report on an accident in the company, a layoff, a product that risks were identified for health, etc..Organize internal and external events: conferences, seminars, conferences, congresses.Foster relationships that build trust and positive opinions within and outside the organization to ensure that it reaches notoriety and prestige.Provide support to all departments of the company in PR when a customer, supplier or any person addressing the organization needs special attention.

In addition to these generic functions, the PR may develop more specific as other work where, for example:Leading political campaigns and train their spokespersons.Manage press offices of private or governmental.Protocol responsible personalities.

You could say that public relations is as a stylist, because he/she has to take different clothes, accessories and parts and combine them in one way or another to project the image at that time desired, either by forming an elegant and discreet styling, and is looking for an outrageous and extravagant look.
Other times it looks like a psychologist, because he/she spends much of his/her time listening to the concerns of a third party helps to sort your problems, presenting the client in a seductive way, not an easy job… If, as a psychologist, his/her client can not find support from a third part (public), shall become a makeup artist to try to camouflage the problem. And if in an extreme case, makeup is not enough  he or she  will be a magician to try to make the problem go away before the eyes of the public.
The PR is also a fireman, because it tries to put those fires have been lit because of a rumor of a leak, a view shared … doctor because after reviewing the status of the different parties, launches his/her diagnosis and prescribe what will cause the disease, and what will make the disease to disappear.
And of course, poet, because it is imperative that you know what you have to say in a harmonious, friendly ear and following the rhythm.

NetworkingWhat’s more, now with the online revolution and the emergence of social networking, the art of public relations has had to reinvent. The public relations today is the community manager in which some children dream of, is the public relations of the Facebooks, the Twitters, the LinkedIns, of Flickrs … is the public relations that does, moreover, blogger.
In short, a good PR is a communications consultant who is facing a field of view much larger thanks to the Internet and that can not turn his backs on the countless ways to reach an audience that is more interconnected and influential than ever.

To recapitulate, the PR is a consultant, community manager, is a stylist, is a psychologist, a fireman, a doctor, a magician, a poet  …


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