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According to Philip Kotler, marketing has now stopped working. Many new products are failing at a rate disastrous. Many advertising campaigns do not record anything different in the mind of the customer. Direct mail and e-mails rarely achieve a response rate of 1 per 100.´
Many products are revealed as interchangeable commodities rather than powerful brands. No wonder that CEOs are demanding more accountability on the part of marketing.
They want their experts to make financial estimates of the return on investment before and after each campaign. No Liability for profit, marketing budgets continue to be the first to be reduced when companies cut costs.

What are these deficiencies?
The company is not focused enough on the market and customer oriented.
The company does not know their clients well.
The company does not control its competitors.
The company manages its relationship with poor stakeholders.
At the company is good at finding new opportunities.
The marketing planning process the company is poor.
They need to strengthen policies for products and services company.
The efforts of branding and communications company is weak.
The company is not well organized to carry out the marketing.
The company has not used the technology to the fullest.

As a self conclusion, in marketing we often will find more of 10 deadly sins, but we, the one who really know about this modern reality, are here to apply the best services in your behave.
Less mistakes more profit!


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