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The world of marketing and advertising is changing. The million dollar investments are not as effective as before because it diluted and sometimes not even reach the final consumer. And when the massive bombardment of messages is no longer useful to position a brand, look for other more personal and direct ways to connect with the consumer.
Our society has become a global village where communication is a priority value. But heterogeneous and segmented communication function of many variables.
No single other public and many individual recipients. At the same time, marketing is no longer the exclusive preserve of large corporations and becomes an essential component in the strategy of any company regardless of size.

It is in this context that the Field Marketing comes to democratize marketing and communication, acting in a unique and independent to reach the final consumer and capture their emotion at the point of sale.
The Field Marketing is marketing that uses human resources to support the communication face to face to catch the consumer, whether at the point of sale, on the street or at your place of leisure or work.

In short, Field Marketing is configured as the most effective tool to connect the brand with people.
Chase interactivity and proximity to the public. It focuses its efforts and activities to promote creativity in personal communication. Looking for excitement and moves away from the usual passivity messages designed for different audiences.




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